The 15th Shanghai Environment-friendly Shopping Bags, Packaging Bags and Biodegradable Products Exhibition in 2021

Date: June 22-24, 2021 Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

To build a one-stop procurement platform for all categories of environmental friendly shopping bags, packaging bags and degradable products in China!

The 19th Shanghai International Gifts and Home Products Exhibition in 2021

Organization: Shanghai Yahui Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd

Exhibition area: 30,000 + square meters Professional buyers: 60,000 + person-times

Exhibition Introduction:

China will take the lead in banning or restricting the production, sale and use of some plastic products in some areas by the end of 2020, and promote all biodegradable alternatives by the end of 2022, according to a guideline on further strengthening plastic pollution control issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. At present, environment-friendly shopping bags, packaging bags and biodegradable products need a platform for promotion, publicity, learning and cooperation. In the current environment, it is necessary to have an insight into the industrial chain, deep research in the market, and launch the 15th Shanghai Environment-friendly Shopping Bags, Packing Bags and Dedegradable Products Exhibition in 2021.

The 15th Shanghai Environment-friendly Shopping Bags, Packaging Bags and Biodegradable Products Exhibition will be held at the same time as the 19th Shanghai International Gift Exhibition in 2021. It is committed to building a one-stop procurement platform for all categories in the field of China Environment-friendly Shopping Bags, Packaging Bags and Biodegradable Products. The exhibition is continuing to carry out all-round publicity and promotion offensive, give full play to the advantages of huge database, accurately invite professional buyers and purchasers, and hold web celebrity live broadcast conference, summit forum, procurement matchmaking meeting, new product launch conference and other supporting activities at the same time, which is wonderful. 2021 -- environment-friendly shopping bags, packaging bags and biodegradable products industry show, leading the cutting-edge development and trend of the industry, will become the world's first new products for exhibitors and buyers business procurement of high-quality platform.

◎ Scope of exhibits

Environmental protection shopping bag, non-woven bag, gift bag, biodegradable shopping bag, color printing bag, plastic packaging bags, food bags, wine bags, daily necessities packaging bags, non-woven products, clothes, bags (set), advertisement apron, shoe covers, advertising bags, receive bag, garbage bag, high-pressure bags, lv bag, poly propylene bags, OPP bags, industrial packaging bags, shopping bags, self-styled pockets, etc.;

Biodegradable packaging: All kinds of biodegradable packaging products, food boxes, jewelry box, watch box, gift box, candy, chocolate, packing boxes, wine boxes, medicine boxes, cosmetics boxes, plastic boxes, paper boxes, vacuum packaging, cigarette boxes, perfume boxes, health care products packaging, electronics, printing and packaging box, box. Printing packaging, labels, and so on the disposable degradable tableware, hotel one-time degradation products, environmental protection plastic products, degradation, biodegradable spoons, biodegradable plastics, biodegradable polylactic acid, photodegradation shopping bags, paper boxes, cartons, food packaging container, drink green packaging containers, environmental protection green packing products, paper color silk, fiber flower POTS, etc.

Processing machinery and materials: all kinds of packaging machinery and equipment, bag making machine, non-woven machine, plastic machinery, packaging and printing machinery, ultrasonic bag making machine, additives, biodegradable masterbatch, paper pulp molding, degradation of membrane, starch based plastics, photodegradation masterbatch, non-woven fabric and nonwoven fabric, Oxford cloth, cotton cloth, nylon cloth, canvas, paper, kraft paper, stone; Degradable materials, degradable master material, biodegradable plastics, material industrial packaging materials, biodegradable master material, environmental protection plastics, PP, PE material, high pressure film, low pressure film, polypropylene film, new polymer environmental protection materials, etc.

◎ Booth type and cost

Domestic enterprises: Zone A: 14800 yuan/booth for hardcover (3mX3m); Raw space 1200 yuan /㎡

Area B: 17000 yuan/booth for hardcover (3mX4m)

Hardcover booth 13,800 yuan/booth (3mX3m); Raw space 1100 yuan /㎡

Zone C standard booth 9,800 yuan/booth (3mX3m); Raw space 1000 yuan /㎡

● Standard booth configuration: coaming board, lintel board, carpet, one table and two chairs, spotlights and power socket;

● Double opening booth plus 1000 yuan;

◎ Audience Domain

The organizing committee will invite agents/distributors/wholesalers from all over the world, all kinds of FMCG, gifts, food, wine, take-away food, medicine, health care products, cosmetics, all kinds of electricity, electricity, cross-border electricity, vertical electric business, warehousing logistics, express delivery, shopping malls, supermarkets, shopping malls, stores, hotels, its franchisees and foreign trade companies, media companies, advertising companies, Design companies, packaging design colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, financial system, government agencies, relevant business associations and relevant media, etc.

◎ Why participate in the exhibition

Focusing on the industry of environment-friendly shopping bags, packaging bags and biodegradable products, it will create a well-known industry event in China.

2. Open to professional trade visitors only. High quality and stable trade visitors make the exhibition efficient and convenient.

3. Collect a large number of global industry media resources, and become the preferred platform for new product initial ordering

4. Exhibiting brands and products can get high exposure, and they are free.

5. The exhibition is equipped with rich and colorful activities to provide exhibitors with powerful marketing tools.

6. The exhibition will be held at the same time as the 19th Shanghai Gift Fair and will attract tens of thousands of professional buyers from all over the world.

◎ Registration process

1. If you want to sign up for the exhibition, please fill in the Application Form carefully, stamp the official seal and send it to the organizing committee.

2. Within three days of applying for the booth, the exhibitor will remit the exhibition fee to the organizing committee by telegraphic transfer. After the payment is received, the exhibitor will confirm the booth after receiving the Booth Confirmation, otherwise the booth will not be reserved! Invoice will be issued by the organizing committee upon registration.

3. The principle of booth allocation: "first application, first payment, first distribution". The organizing committee has the right to adjust some booths.

4. After the booth is confirmed, the booth shall not be transferred without permission, otherwise the organizing committee has the right to cancel the exhibitor's qualification (the organizing committee has the right to re-allocate the booth).

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